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3 November 1969
There is no real getting around it, I'm a gamer geek goth girl. I play lots of games, love my technology and wear a lot of black while doing it. I generally play lots of action adventure, RPG, and MMO games. I'd say my top three are the Soul Reaver/Legacy of Kain series, Zelda, Elder Scrolls franchise. I have played Everquest, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, DDO, Auto Assualt, Eve Online, DAOC and the ones I can't mention due to NDA.

I'm overeducated, (degree in Anthropology I never used and several bouts with technical school), have a sarcastic sense of humor, love to cook and make my own clothes. I prefer spicy exotic food, my favorite is Eritrean (Ethiopian). I really push the carnivore boundry of being an omnivore.

The music I listen to is pretty much all dark, goth, industrial, EBM, dark techno. I love sci-fi, action and fantasy movies and fiction, anime and other fantastic things. Other things I like to do include reading, working out, going to Ren Faires and playing D&D. Religion is only a part of my life academically. I am fascinated by science, other cultures and technology.



This journal is 99% friends only. If you want to add me that's fine, but I generally only add people back that I know IRL or who make devilishly clever comments in my journal.

I also only IM with people I know and since I usually only have my IM client open at work and I am really busy there not much then either.

360, 3d, 40k, 80s music, add, adepta sororitas, alan clark, alt.gothic, animation, anime, anthropology, antimony & lace, arany, archeology, art, atelier iris, aveenia, bats, bauhaus, black, blorg, castlevania, cathedrals, cats, celtic, cemeteries, chaos, coffee, computers, cooking, corsets, cosplay, costuming, crafts, cultures, cure, cybergoth, cynicism, d&d, dark elves, darkwave, dead sea scrolls, delerium, demons, depeche mode, die form, disgaea, douglas adams, dragon quest, dragons, drow, ds, ebm, electronic music, eve online, fantasy, fashion, front 242, front line assembly, game cube, game design, gaming, gargoyles, gary numan, gaz, giger, goth, goth fashion, goth music, gothic, gothic music, goths, hair extensions, halloween, harlan ellison, heliotrope, industrial, industrial music, information society, insoc, japanese animation, joy division, killing joke, kurt harland, legacy of kain, lilith, lord of the rings, lunar, making jewlery, metaphysics, mick farren, midnight, ministry, mmos, morrowind, mst3k, mysticism, new order, new wave, nine inch nails, nis america, nosgoth, oblivion, oots, painting, pax, peter murphy, phantasy star online, physics, pi, pink floyd, playstation, programming games, ps2, quantum physics, raziel, san francisco, sarcasm, science fiction, sewing, siouxsie, siouxsie and the banshees, sister of battle, skinny puppy, slaanesh, slayers, soul reaver, stanley kubrick, swans, swarovski, tanith lee, tattoos, the chameleons, the creatures, the cure, the damned, the silmarillion, tim powers, trenchcoats, videogames, vintage clothing, virgin prunes, warhammer, wii, will, william gibson, wumpscut, xbox, xymox, zelda