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damn my brain [Apr. 10th, 2010|11:46 pm]
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SO I got a fantastic idea for the new wings, which I seriously do not think is doable before I go to Nashville. I am very upset by this because if I could do it, well, it'd be pretty epic. I may look into exactly what it would take to get it done next week but I just don't see it happening with only 28 days till I leave for Nashville which basically means I have 3 weeks to get this shit finished since I will need the last week for packing, doing my hair & getting things ready for me to be gone 2 weeks.

The jacket for Maker Faire is coming along well, I'm just not sure I will be completely satisfied with the bustle just being a layered swallowtail affair when I am so used to the poof bustles. I know, it's good to use different techniques so everything doesn't look the same, but I get ideas stuck in my head about what's preferable. Right now I am attaching Venise Lace around the edges, under the lapels and around the back. It's very tedious since it ALL has to be securly tacked down or you get puckering and it catches on everything. *urgh* After that I just have to cover the lapels in silk, do the last tier of the bustle and put on the brass closures. Oh and put on the lace up bit in the back. Almost forgot about that.

Guess I better get back to work then.

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