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fairly productive, as things go [Mar. 28th, 2010|08:58 pm]
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41 days till I leave for Nashville.

In other news:

Got a lot done this weekend. The new smaller wings are themselves done except for details, and they need to be mounted to the little wood box and leather straps for wearing. The box is going to be kind of a big deal as it's going to have one of my weird blue tube bulbs, gears, etc. and I haven't completely sorted where I am going to hide the battery pack. Also that project is being gated by needing a belt buckle like the one on the big wings and the correct size gauge... but those things should be taken care of as they are on order. If I get all the bits I might very well finish the new wings this week.

I am having huge issues getting the outfit for Maker Faire sorted, other than the wings obviously. The basic idea was to do a black cotton velveteen version of the leather outfit I wear with the larger wings but I am having trouble finding a jacket to modify or enough yardage to make one from scratch. If I have to I can just wear my other velveteen outfit with pants instead of the skirt but I really did want to make a different outfit. I must have this finished before I leave for Nashville as Maker Faire is the day after I get back from that trip. Must be 100% ready to go before I do.

I have 2 big jewelry projects I am working on & waiting for bits to finish... again on order. No deadline for these.

Almost ready to start working on the new dress for Steamcon but that's in Nov. and I have other things coming up sooner. Yes it's going to take almost as long as the ballgown did since there are a LOT of ruffles and beadwork involved but I have to finish stuff for Maker & more importantly PAX before I get too involved with it.

I need to get the repairs done on the 313 dress for a party this coming weekend. Other than that I need to work on wings & the Maker Faire outfit. I believe I have all the stuff I need for Nashville, though there are a few bits I would like to get done. I should have plenty of time. If I can get squared away for Nashville & Maker Faire in the next 2 weeks I can resume work on my 40K stuff that has to be done by PAX. The sooner that gets done, the sooner I can get everything i9n order for Steamcon which is not only clothes for both of us, but several art projects as I am hoping to get into the art show.

Ok I have brain dumped enough all over your FLs. Better get started on the 313 repairs!

Linkblargh away

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Date:March 29th, 2010 - 08:51 am
*bounce bounce bounce*

Well, if Divergence goes well, I may buy myself enough of that color shift silk in the copper/green to make a skirt and some sort of top to go with. I think I have some brocade floral that would match well.

And then we will rock the Goth Prom together. :D